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The benefits of Easy Pass


        - Fix traffic jams in front of the stage, via a special charges.

       - Breathable quantity of traffic to pass through the special values automatic bin up to 1,200 cars per hour, while the performance of the storage system through cash, a quantity of traffic can be only 450 cars/hour.

       - Facilitate a quick clearing charges via the service to a user without having to wait for the receipt of the fee through the company exclusively. No need to wait longer for complicated finances have to be prepared. No need to open the glass, just run through the Easy Pass only.

       - Save time and fuel savings in travel. Use the trip planner, and reduce costs.

       - Special services, users can use the Easy card Pass together in a special way all the way in both open systems (billing rate, single-stage entrance) and every line and both in closed systems (billing by distance at the exit).

       - Promoting the quality of life for society. Service users and staff working in a special way, including reducing the environmental impact of local communities.